Steelcutter is a wooden axe used by Grundi Olafson.  It is not made of ordinary wood, it is made from the wood of
Yggdrasil the world tree in Norse Mythology.  The axe is so powerful it can cut through steel, thus why it is called Steelcutter.   


There was once an Asgardian wood cutter who made axes from the most powerful wood he could find.  All of his axes broke so he had many failures and had to move to different towns where there was better wood to craft axes from.  Eventually, the wood cutter discovered a sacred tree, taller than any tree in the world and no axe he created could cut it, it was so powerful even steel weapons broke when they hit it.  So, the wood cutter called upon the help of Thor, only his hammer, the powerful Mjolnir could cut the tree.  The wood cutter crafted an axe from Yggdrasil, the most powerful axe in the universe.  He called the axe "Steelcutter" and he made more money and cut down more trees, by using this axe.  It was eventually passed down to the wood cutter's son, and his son, and the son of his son.  It became an heirloom of the woodcutters family until the woodcutter and his family were killed when frost giants invaded Asgard.  The great axe Steelcutter was saved from the invasion and it was stabbed into a boulder (like Excalibur in King Arthur) where it would be safe and no one could take it.  But then, Grundi discovered the axe and discovered how strong it was.  From then on, Grundi used the axe in battle to fight his enemies. 

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