Latticus is the son of Wolverine and Phoenix.He is the rp character of Leogian4511. He is 17 years old.He inherited a fortune from his parents.


Latticus has his father's attitude and temper.He can be calm but is very easily angered. He is very short tempered and usually runs head on into a fight without using his phsycic abilities and brute force to overpower his foes.While he is very intelligent he does not show it much.His rage usually overpowers his reason.His favorite food is pizza which he will eat tons of at once.


He has his mothers ability to possess telepathic powers enabling him to read minds, project his thoughts into the minds of others, initiate astral travel, and mentally stun opponents with pure psionic force, among other talents. He also possesses telekinesis, allowing him to levitate and manipulate objects and others, generate force fields, fly, and stimulate heat molecules to generate concussive blasts.He was born with animal senses and healing factor. But,loving to fight with brute force,made a machine that gave and adamantium skeleton like his father. 

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