These are the vehicles that the Alpha Avengers get around in.


Alpha Avengers jet

Alpha Avengers Jet

This Specific Vehicle is the fastest Vehicle they own. It was oringinaly owned by Mark Nial's grandfather who passed it down to Mark. It gets them to where they need to be. It has a tracking device and a full array of weapons including: Machine guns,rockets,rail gun,and a laser.

Alpha Avengers Air baseEdit

Alpha avengers base

Their Air base

The air base is where they live and do most of their training. It is where all of their vehicles reside. It is their most war ready vehicle. It has the most advance weapons system in the world. The shields are almost empenitrable. 

Mark's RaptorEdit

Marks's Raptor

Mark's pride and joy

This is Mark Nial's Main choice of transportation. It is a Ford Raptor. Mark has suited it up with Rocket launchers and a machine gun.

Mark's BikeEdit

Mark's bike
This is Mark's Harley Davidson Blackout. It has no special qualities but it is an awesome bike.
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